Nov 26, 2008

Ini la ni orang yang terkena gastik teruk. Dalam tahun ni dah 4 kali dia kena. Mungkin sebab usus dia ada masalah. Tapi kali dia hampir 6 jam aku kena tunggu dia kat HUKM. Previously doc ada masukkan air glukos, tapi kali ni , doc just gave 3 injection pain killer....1 n 2 injection was not so strong n he still can feel the pain,but the third injection was ok....about 3 am in the morning we leave from HUKM..roughly the service so far quiet ok..not too bad and not too good...but i realized something lar...the system of handling patient must be change...why? bcoz a lot of suffering people waiting for the doc so long....the baby crying and the old folk kind of high tempered really fed up waiting for their number to be call. wat up DOC?

( tgh renovate )

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Pendaftaran Emergency Kritikal : RM 30 Malaysian and RM 60 Non Malaysian