Jun 17, 2012

My boss asked me, why i always late, something bother you in office....i just laugh....actually there was nothing bother me at anyplace...at office , home or anyplace. Frankly it only my attitude or when i feeling sick / uncomfortable . I cant tell them the truth that i will get bored quickly if i doing something repeated . Like everyday going to work, same place, task and people.
But i will try my best with a lot of reason why i am going to work :
1- it "ibadah"
4-have fun
5-doing some stupid things
I really respect people who can present herself at work without fail or feeling any doubtful  / boring....
Doing something repeatedly without fail is require high discipline... it is mean i got low discipline ...but still got some lar even not high like others.

Saya lambat sebab Khairul Fahmi Che Mat - ikhsan dari Kak Yati